AP Computer Science Principles

Is Advanced Placement Computer Science Principles the right class for me?

Students enrolling in AP Computer Science Principles should have successfully completed a first-year high school algebra course with a strong foundation in basic linear functions and composition of functions, and problem-solving strategies that require multiple approaches and collaborative efforts. In addition, students should be able to use a Cartesian (xy) coordinate system to represent points in a plane. It is important that students and their advisers understand that any significant computer science course builds on a foundation of mathematical and computational reasoning that will be applied throughout the study of the course.

College Board Evaluation comprises of two elements:

Create Task – Application to Ideas. The student must follow the College Board guidelines to independently write a software program. The student must submit the program to the College Board. This is 30% of the assessment score.
AP Exam – The AP Exam is comprised of 70 multiple choice questions and is 70% of the assessment score.

If you have a strong foundation in algebra and enjoy math and logic puzzles, watch the following videos and see if Computer Science should be in your future:

What is Computer Science?



Classes for Computer Science Majors

Classes for Computer Science Majors (Part 2)


Computer Science – connects our would.  See this video on the “Internet of Thing”, to understand how programming connects and improves our world.  These are the problems, programmers solve.


Those in Computer Science today will help shape the future.