14 Create Task

Create Task Scoring Guidelines

The Create task is 30%  (2020 Exam) of the Advanced Placement Grade.


Resources to create your video:








To video record your program:

ScreenCastify – works as a Chrome extension.  No downloading needed. Intuitive and easy to use!

ScreenCast-o-Matic                                                                                      Powtoon












Programming your Create Task











Step by Step Scratch Tutorials:  LINK

Making your sprite move in Scratch and Flappy Bird



Your Create Task must include examples of Abstraction.
Abstraction: hides all but the relevant data about an object in order to reduce complexity and increase efficiency.

Creating a function or making a custom block in scratch provides an example of abstraction.

Create Functions in Scratch:

Making Blocks in scratch:



College Board Example submissions:

Video -Create College Board Sample A

Written ResponseClick this text for link   

College Board Grading of Sample A


Video- Create E

Written Response  – Click this TEXT for link

College Board Grading of Sample E


Video -Create I

Written ResponseClick this link for Text

College Board grading of Sample I


Below is a step by step tutorial to create a Pong game using Scratch 3.0

There are many step by step tutorials on YouTube that you can learn from!


More Examples

Note these are submitted examples, not perfect examples!