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APtopics.com provides content that is readily and freely accessible online.  Why use APtopics?  

  • To view quality content in a logical step by step order.    
  • Provide students with interactive activities to reinforce the content learned in each unit.  
  • Evaluate student knowledge through quizzes and worksheets.


Membership includes:

  • Worksheets for each unit
  • 23 Quizzes
  • Printable Flashcards
  • Interactive unit activities
  • Additional Teacher resources

Worksheets – fill in the blank worksheets are provided for each unit.  Completing these while watching the videos will ensure students have focused on the correct content.  These worksheets prepare students for the unit exams.

Quizzes for each unit, and each Blown to Bits chapter.   Each unit quiz requires a password.   This allows teachers control over when their students complete the quiz.   After the student completes the quiz they will receive a grade certificate on their account.  The certificate is printable.

Flashcards – allow students to student key vocabulary related to Computer Science.

Additional Teacher resources – Other links, worksheets and other resources not listed on the site are provided to teachers.  This allows teachers decide when is the appropriate time to share those resources and activities.

Blown to Bits – A link to the book is provided at the top menu bar.