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The AP College Board Explore Task – 16% of your overall AP Score.

According to the College Board Q&A, a computing innovation is an innovation that includes a computer or program code as an integral part of its functionality….. Students must make a computational artifact that explains the purpose, function, or effect of their chosen innovation.

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Written Response Submission Template        

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College Board Performance Task – EXPLORE – Handout


Ideas for selecting your innovation.  The explore task requires reporting on a computer innovation at this LINK you will find 50 key MIT-related innovations.







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Computational Artifact – 


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Explore Task Samples

Note – these are submitted examples, not perfect examples!
Also, there are two parts of the submission  1. Computational Artifact: an illustration/graphic or video.   2. Written Responses


Explore Task Sample A

Sample AWritten Responses

Explore Task Sample C

Sample CWritten Responses

Explore Task Sample E

Sample EWritten Responses

Mores examples: